Organized crime of Japanese Cult

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The religious cult that infiltrated the government[Komeito(Soka Gakkai)in Japan is of the terror group.]

* Importance *
Media of Japan have been polluted by Soka Gakkai.
The crime of Soka Gakkai is constructed so that it is not told by the people.
As for 90% of the people, it doesn't know Soka Gakkai even has received the cult specification in France.
However, Japan is a weak structure to overseas media.
In the action of Soka Gakkai, countries of the world must be the big problems.
It is hoped that media in each country report the danger of Soka Gakkai on a large scale.

The government party (Komeito) in Japan is a terrorism group and a Soka Gakkai
very thing.
Soka Gakkai has received the specification of the cult sect also in France and
The Korean race's strong influence is received, and all power is inclined to
the man's named [daisaku Ikeda]  Japan rule.
Soka Gakkai was taking part in the event of the Aum Supreme Truth religious cult.

This Soka Gakkai member's systematic stalker crime is advanced now in Japan.
It is another religion that was aimed in the past.
It began to attack the civilian now.
It is continued whether to submit oneself spending years how many whether to
destroy the spirit.
It is the situation that the police cannot meddle with so that the most direct neighborhood troubles, and it is performed.
It that a member of Sokagakkai performing a crime lives in a neighborhood calmly is the Japanese fact.
Because I intend to perform Japanese rule seriously, Sokagakkai aims at local rule at a citizen's level.
Japanese much Medea is not informed of an organized crime of Sokagakkai to many citizens to take a payoff from Sokagakkai.

(A purpose
・Life destruction of an antagonist
・Antagonist exclusion in commerce
・make a victim mental disease
・do power of Sokagakkai strongly in a community
It will contribute to a dream of Japanese rule of Daisaku Ikeda that a member of Sokagakkai becomes dominant in a community
(The technique
・Extending over a long period of time, and systematic stalker
・Cutting to life and work by Soka Gakkai member
・Tapping and Nust(The malicious noise)
・The sink can ..low frequency sound.. continue from Soka Gakkai member's house by the sound equipment toward victim's house.
  It continues carrying away a low frequency sound from a house of a member of Sokagakkai nearby
  It talks to by using LRAD every day.
※Similar machinery is used for LRAD(Long Range Acoustic Device)&MRAD or it※
・Brainwash attack by low frequency sound
The brainwash technology researches the brainwash of the United States that was called MK ultra.
[Some Ryou events have the possibility of one by this damage caused by a stalker person's going mad. ]
Soka Gakkai that succeeded in infiltration even to the police and the government began to aim at the thought management to the civilian.
It is because the [daisaku Ikeda] is made a ruler in Japan, and Soka Gakkai is made a state religion.
Soka Gakkai has the past when the preparation and the training such as heavy firearms were done in South Africa etc. close.
Stealing a nuclear technology was systematically planned in France.
It is the United States and European nations that aimed after Soka Gakkai makes the Japan rule succeed.
And, the Soka society member doesn't think it to be a dream.
It is destroyed the life by a member of Sokagakkai, and a citizen disappears from society in this way with it not being noticed

It is my site.
Organized crime of Japannese Cult
It might be seen one regional damage.
However, the event of quite the same technique begins to happen frequently in various parts of Japan.
Soka Gakkai learnt due to the event of the Aum Supreme Truth religious cult.
When it is a shortcut to manage the civilian to rule the government.
The Sokagakkai had a close relation in Aum Shinrikyo.
*In a case of Aum Shinrikyo, it was a member of Sokagakkai that borrowed a vehicle for a certain criminal.
*Fumihiro Joyuu said in an interview in then foreign press club
「At least 27 were members of former Sokagakkai as a result that information gathering ministry examined a background of a parrot defense organization.
Most of a member of former Sokagakkai of a parrot disappeared after a crime for some reason.」
*The politician who introduced Aum Shinrikyo to Kremlin was a member of Sokagakkai.
*The Sokagakkai surely took a surprise attack of Aum Shinrikyo.
However, there is not the substantial damage, and it is very likely that it was direction to gloss over relations.
The Aum Shinrikyo developed a method of deletion to memorize an MK ultra document for reference.
It is not difficult imagination that these technique is used by a member of Sokagakkai which sneaked into Aum Shinrikyo.
In fact, there is that organized stoker technique by Soka thrived after Aum Shinrikyo case.

The MK ultra that CIA went is still succeeded in Japan.
As a weapon of local power maintenance by a cult group.

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